Qiao Hui HVAC Company covers: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, convenient materials and expand the scope of business, multi-regional with processing plants, production of spiral ducts and rectangular ducts, ABS tuyere workshop ventilation and ventilation design: Qiao Hui HVAC workshop ventilation and air conditioning duct design (reasonable for you to consider each cooling area), Power plant planning (fully understand the operation of your equipment, optimize the maximum operating capacity of electricity), ice tower water pipeline design planning (for you to plan the production line and auxiliary cold energy conversion measures, reduce your energy consumption). Professional manufacturing and installation team, our production and installation safety is the industry's veteran experts in the field of ventilation pipes are more than 10 years of experience. The product quality is stable, the contour lines are smooth, and the leakage proof volume is much higher than the national standard. Powerful after-sales service from production to use, the whole tracking service, help to solve the installation and use of various unusual professional production and installation team, strong after-sales service, the whole process for customers to solve problems.

The product diversification, satisfies each kind of localization demand to have the advanced production equipment, has the cutting stock accurately, the material consumption is low, the variety is many, the production speed is quick, the product quality is high merit. According to different market positioning needs, we can develop relevant reasonable solutions.